If done the right way, launching a new product online can be a fantastic route to achieving a return on investment. Whether it’s selling your product on your website or utilising another service such as Amazon or Shopify, you must launch the product with structure and organisation – this way you can maximise conversions and leads. In this article we consider the essential elements surrounding your launch.

Set the right objectives

By referring to the product life cycle, you can understand what stage your offering is in; and this applies to products and services. Whether you’re debuting an innovative product to the market or launching an existing service that’s better than your competitors, the introduction stage is where your business is situated. With this in mind, you should be centring your efforts around building awareness and educating the target audience on WHY your offering is worth investing in.

Take Apple for example. Every time they launch the new iPhone, Apple communicate their new features by educating us on why they are valuable. Facial recognition? It’s convenient and more secure. A larger screen? Well, bigger is always better.


Product Life Cycle


Strategise accordingly

With the objectives set, it’s time to start establishing strategies – this is how you’re going to raise awareness and educate the target audience. So, how do you achieve these? While there’s no set answer to this question, there are certainly many options – you just have to find the most effective ways. We have listed a selection of strategies below:

• Engaging video content– According to Forbes, 90% of consumers find it very helpful to watch a video when making purchase decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. This achieves objectives such as conversions or leads and certainly indicates the level of engagement videos can generate – and engagement creates awareness!

• Infographics– people trust fact. Whether you have figures about your new offering or stats on why your product is worth investing in, you can create a superb infographic that helps educate your audience!

• Enticing photography – When visual elements are added to online messages, 65% of information is retained. What does that tell us? – Visual information is an effective way to raise awareness and educate your audience!

• Press releases– press coverage is a fantastic route to raising awareness. Not only can you provide audiences with vital information, but you can achieve exposure among relevant mediums.

The secret to establishing the right strategy is to think, where are your target audiences? How do they react to different forms of media? What makes them behave in the way you want them to? By answering these questions, we can enhance our success rates.



Time to Implement your strategy

Now it’s time to consider the channels available in your crusade for raising awareness and educating your audience. We’ve highlighted two major tactics below:

Social Media

Social media is essential for raising awareness and best of all, it is free! However, because of the sheer volume of users and noise, it can be difficult to achieve success. Use your content effectively by identifying where and when your target audience is online and what tone of voice is appropriate.

Thanks to share buttons, you can multiply your awareness rates by keeping your audiences engaged. For instance, if a user with 50,000 followers retweets your educational video, you are essentially teaching an extra 50,000 people about your product! If you are new to social media we can help you start up. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to create engaging content, we have a package for you!

Press Release Distribution

You must ensure your Press Release is distributed to the right media. This means considering what geographic level suits your offering (local or national), and that you are targeting the appropriate readership. With great media contacts, we can help you distribute your press release in the right way.

Now that you have your objectives, strategy and tactics, you are ready to launch your product online – the right way! Be sure to contact us if you have any enquiries about our packages.