Running a business is, undoubtedly, a lifestyle; and one that can seem like it demands 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! The importance of rest and downtime has garnered much attention in recent years, with the newly coined ‘Millennial Burnout’ and a surge in overworked, unhappy employees on the rise. In light of this subject, and the imminent awareness day, ‘Festival of Sleep Day’, the MOB team has taken time to reflect on the importance of rest, and how this can increase your business’ rate of success in the current climate.

Reasons to rest:

Getting sufficient rest has a number of profound health benefits, not to mention the positive effect it can have on your business. Here are just a few reasons you should take a tactical time-out once in a while:

  • Health Benefits: Taking time away from work is a vital part of wellness, as it allows your brain to decrease stress levels, thus improving your health.
  • Saves Money: Having enough rest could save your business money, because feeling refreshed at work allows you to prioritise, and use your time/resources effectively.
  • Smart Decisions: Having a well-rested body and mind allows you to stop, consider, and act coherently; rather than making rushed, emotively charged, or uninformed decisions.


Tips and tricks:

Following these simple tips can improve work life balance, and boost your business in the long-term.

Automate and Outsource

Your time is valuable to your business; so, managing tasks that tie you up effectively will increase efficiency.

  • Automating social media posts through apps is a fantastic time saving technique.
  • Likewise, outsourcing time-consuming tasks – such as accounting – can also take significant pressure off you each day!
  • MOB can take care of your marketing strategy – Another element of your business off your plate, giving you time to rest.

Set working hours

Your business might not follow a typical 9 to 5; however, regardless of your hours of operation, it is important you set working hours. But why?

  • Doing this will ensure you still get some downtime to do things that aren’t work-related.
  • This might seem counterintuitive, however, having a few hours away from your business each day and doing things like cooking, walking the dog or putting your feet up will benefit you and your business in the long-term.

Avoid distractions during downtime

  • Make sure your colleagues know when you’re ‘out of office’ by making your schedule known from the outset, and setting up automatic email replies to avoid being disturbed during your rest period. Clients and employees can then work around your schedule, knowing when you’ll be back.
  • In the event that you’re away for a longer period, appoint a member of the team to temporarily take on your roles, or handle messages from clients.


If you would like more information on how MOB’s experts can help you get some rest by taking care of your marketing, take a look at our packages  and contact us today.