Lumiere Events employed MOB to:

  • Improve their SEO
  • Create and post engaging social media content
  • Facebook advertising
  • Written communication including blogs website ‘news’ updates

MOB began working with Lumiere in September, with a goal of increasing brand awareness and customer enquiries. A full SEO audit was performed, increasing their ranking on Google which allowed users to come across their website more frequently.

Coupled with updated website content, social media promotions and Facebook advertising, their website saw an increase in visits and an overall increase in consumer interest.

An influencer marketing campaign on Instagram helped to boost brand awareness further, in which Lumiere partnered with John Terry to promote the Christmas Decorations installed. In just five hours, the campaign provided Lumiere Events with 15 new enquiries and over 250 new followers.

John Terry Christmas Decorations Influencer marketing campaign


The Results:

Engagements across all social media accounts increased by 42% in the first quarter.

15 new enquires and 250 new followers gained from the Influencer Marketing campaign.

Website traffic from organic sources increased by 80% in first quarter following website optimisation.

Marcus, Managing Director of Lumiere Events, comments: “I am delighted with these results, especially the increase in impressions! It has really opened my eyes to the power of having a strong brand presence on social media. My main aim was to get our name out there and to attract new customers. Now that our website is easier to find and people are seeing our work showcased across social media, we are further building our customer base.”