Over the past several years, your businesses online presence has become increasingly important. With a new wave of entrepreneurial start-ups flooding an already saturated market, the race to the top has never been more pressing.

As with every other industry in the world, the internet is no exception to a rapidly growing and ever-changing atmosphere, resulting in businesses constantly needing to differentiate to ensure they’re producing creative and engaging content. But even once this content is created, how do you then guarantee that your business will perform well with so much competition? This is where SEO is paramount.

So, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how does this promote growth amongst businesses? Ultimately, SEO is the practice of increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results by targeting keywords, resulting in your website appearing higher on Google search results that contain the keywords you have targeted.

This therefore means that your website will receive a higher number of visits from quality customers that have an active interest in the product or service that your business is selling. Making your website ‘SEO-friendly’ is consequently a key priority for enterprises globally.

Featured Snippets

Now that our understanding of SEO is clearer, it is also important to recognise that there can be trends within SEO too. These trends detail new ways of effectively optimising your website, which is growing in popularity as organic search continues to dominate above any other search traffic.

The first key trend worth mentioning is featured snippets. When typing a question into Google, you were previously presented with a blurred mess of text and links to other sites that never quite answered your question and if anything, just confused you further. However, feature snippets are small sections of text that appear right at the top of Google; providing an instant answer to a searchers query.

Examples include definitions, lists, one-word answers, tables and short paragraphs with a brief explanation. As time becomes more and more precious in our fast-pace society, the days of tediously combing the web for an answer to are well and truly over.

SEO Business trends

Local SEO

The second trend in SEO that has been growing rapidly in popularity is Local SEO, with the most effective tool for this being Google My Business. This is one of the most sought-after business directories to successfully and accurately target your local area, as it effectively manages your online presence in both the search and maps features in Google and across other search engines, including Bing, Yelp and Apple Maps.

A business has the opportunity to verify and edit their information, add photographs and allow customer reviews to be shown – a great way for a business to optimise their local customers whist drawing in additional business in their surrounding areas.

A well-built website

Another SEO trend that is proven to be beneficial for a business is a secure and fast website. As humans, we often have a short attention span and painfully thin patience, frequently resulting in us leaving a site if it isn’t doing exactly what we want it to do within about three seconds. Pages that take longer to load are shown to have a higher bounce rate, as well as a lower average time spent on the page.

A slower page speed also means that search engines can’t crawl as many other pages within their allocated crawl budget, negatively affecting your indexation. In addition to this, Google announced back in 2015, they will be updating their search algorithm to ensure that mobile-friendly sites will rank higher on mobile search results than those that are not. This makes a faster site even more essential – if consumers aren’t willing to wait around on the computer for your site to load, they definitely won’t be willing to wait on their mobile.


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