Introducing Marketing On Board (MOB)- your new essential marketing go-to.

Here at MOB, we offer four marketing packages, each tailor made to provide your SME with the confidence and creativity necessary to stand out.

1. Social media start-up package

: This is the first package available from MOB; focusing on creating and developing your social media channels. As a start-up business or SME, we all know how crucial your social media presence is. We also know it can be a little confusing and hectic knowing what to post and on what channel. With our social media package providing a review of your business and a consultation, creation of the social media channel of your choice and a 30-day schedule of posts, you can relax and tick one more thing off of your never-ending list.

2. Social content package:

The second package we offer at MOB centres around the actual content your business would like to publish. Here, we will confirm with you your target customer demographic and provide a plan of content. This could include blogs, infographics, surveys, polls, photography and competitions. We understand that it can be an impossible task to balance running a business with the constant production of creative content. At MOB, our team of marketing professionals each have over 20 years’ experience, so you can be confident we will find the perfect fit for your business.

Social media content packages

3. Press release package:

Thirdly, we offer our press release package. This focuses on generating media exposure to raise your company profile, with the press releases we create for your business being written with trackable links; helping with Search Engine Optimisation. Higher SEO exposure will mean more potential clients being driven to your website, resulting in more business and even word of mouth marketing! Here at MOB, we are experienced in a vast range of industries including healthcare, property, public sector, automotive, construction, entertainment and hospitality, leisure and consumer goods. Whatever your business is, we share your passion.

4. Search Engine Optimisation package:

SEO is the fourth and final marketing package available. As highlighted above, this aims to increase your online exposure and is one of the most important elements to consider when it comes to your business’s online presence. Do you already have an informative and captive website set up but aren’t receiving the amount or type of web traffic you want? At MOB, we will work with you to evaluate your business goals and determine your target keywords, whilst also providing competitor analysis to discover new link opportunities. This will provide you with the confidence in your business’s online performance to focus on other business goals that you otherwise may not have time for.

Search engine optimisation package

Marketing On Board is passionate about providing your business with access to professional marketing advice; advising on which package and service will best fit you and your business. All four marketing packages we offer are available at an affordable price with no long-term commitments or monthly fee. At MOB, your business is our priority. Read more about our services and commitment to you here.